Security Services

Your Small Business is your lifeline. You can’t afford to let it be compromised by malware, viruses, or hackers.

We can keep your network safe from the initial setup to ongoing monitoring to ensure that your most sensitive Intellectual Property stays within your company’s systems.

Protect Your Computer Systems From Outside Threats

Protect Your Data

Nearly 50% of all cyber attackers target Small Businesses and more than half of all companies have experienced an attack of some kind. Having preventive measures in place is vital to the security of your business.

Monitor Network Use

Is your network being used for non-work related activities that could compromise or put your business at risk? We can help you monitor the usage of your network so you avoid potential data breaches and lawsuits.

Block Unwanted Sites

Raise your office productivity by blocking out potentially dangerous or unwanted sites that can result in phishing scams, viruses, or simple misuse. Keep your employees, your data, and your company safe.

Small Business Security Is Critical in Today’s World

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds.

Hackers target Small Businesses because they are the most vulnerable. They can’t afford to hire a big IT company to protect them and they don’t have the resources to hire full time IT staff.

This is where an IT company that focuses on Small Businesses can help keep you safe. Because we understand what safeguards need to be in place and we don’t have the high overhead cost of a Big IT Company, our prices are affordable to Small Businesses.

We offer various security packages to suit your needs.

IT Security

Prevention is Key

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Nothing is truer than this in the IT world.

USB Protection

A common source of malware or viruses are infected USB drives. Staff often use them on their home computers which can lead to infection. We can help you prevent this from happening.

Password Audits

Many security breaches happen because of weak passwords or passwords that have not been changed in years. We can do an audit of your passwords and show you how to best store them to prevent intrusions.

Cybersecurity Training

We can provide on-site training for your staff on becoming aware of email, web, and other threats so they don’t fall victim to them. Education is an important part of the preventive process.