Managed Services For Small Businesses

Small Businesses typically don’t have the resources to hire Big IT companies. They rely on a small staff and a conservative budget to make their businesses run profitably.

We understand that. Our team has extensive knowledge of IT operations and how to most efficiently manage, maintain, and save you money!

Are you tired of struggling to manage both your business and your computer systems? We can help!

We Take Care Of Your IT Needs So You Take Care Of Your Business!

IT Strategy & Consulting

We provide you with only the best and most economic IT solutions for your business needs. We can provide you with a plan and recommendations, as well as implementation of an entire IT solution.

Remote Support

We can log into your computers remotely, so there’s no waiting around for us to cross through L.A. traffic to get to you. That means we can be at your office (virtually) at a moment’s notice.


Implementing a good network security plan is an important part of protecting your computer systems and sensitive information from cyber attacks, malware and viruses.

IT Networking

Is your business growing and exceeding it’s capacity? We can help you plan the most budget conscious and effective way to scale your IT systems.

Wireless Networks

Having an intermittent or bad WiFi signal will kill productivity and frustrate your staff. We can recommend the most optimal devices and configuration for your office for the best wireless performance.

Backup & Data Recovery

Don’t lose critical documents ever again. Let our team safeguard you and provide solutions that will maintain the integrity of your files.

Our Small Business IT experts can handle any task


  • Design & redesign your network
  • Set up and maintenance of network equipment room
  • Wireless and wired networks installation
  • Corporate relocation services


  • Upgrades and maintenance of network backbone
  • Enhancements, upgrades and maintenance of server room
  • Migration from POP3 to centralized e-mail
  • Analysis and expansion of subnet


  • Troubleshooting switches, hubs, routers, servers, and more
  • Updating your firewall, security updates, and checking logs
  • Checking SPAM and Anti-virus applications
  • Performing routine maintenance and updates

Network maintenance such as system cleaning, backup systems, hardware testing and file defragmentation will save you money and keep your business running efficiently.

*One-time service, month to month and annual support plans are available